Triumph Rocket III - Closing in on Eight Seconds

The Carpenter Racing Triumph Rocket III Silverback is closing in on the eight-second barrier in the quarter mile with rider Marcelo "Alex" Galligani recently running a 9.03 at 155.49 during a test session at Atco Raceway.

“We are learning more every time we go to the track,” said Bob Carpenter.  “The power we are making is uncharted territory for this motorcycle.”

The Carpenter Racing team continues to tweak the head design, cam profile and clutch combination, a major change to the motorcycle has been the addition of carbon-fiber ram-air scoop. 

The custom air scoop is a direct replacement for the “Bear Claw” stock air box cover. Carpenter plans to eventually market the unit, now needed as the engine is ever more hungry for air.

“We are continually trying to fine tune each element,” added Carpenter. “With that we have seen improvements in the overall package. Right now we are making 269 horsepower and 192 ft-lbs of torque. Those are incredible numbers coming through a driveshaft with a ring and pinion.”

The really impressive aspect is that while this motorcycle is a monster at the track, it retains its streetability.

“The beauty of this bike is that the engine, chassis and suspension are so beefy that you can have a bike this powerful and it’s still an every day rider,” said Carpenter.

While the Carpenter team will not stop on gaining improvements where they can be had, Carpenter feels the bike has 8-second potential as it sits now.

“The weather has been against us,” he said. “Hot and humid weather is not conducive to record-setting performances. Once the cool weather comes in in the fall, watch out!”

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