About Carpenter Racing

Carpenter Racing is the most experienced cylinder head porting company for all-out motorcycle performance in the world. Our racing championships, record-setting land speed efforts and 45 years at the forefront of cylinder head technology back up that claim.

Bob Carpenter Pro Stock 1984Carpenter Racing was started by Bob Carpenter as an outgrowth of his successful racing career in the formative days of Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racing. In the late 1970s Carpenter began competing on a Kawasaki H2, eventually moving up to Kawasaki Z1s, and then the legendary Suzuki GS1100.  (Click on photo, left)

An independent racer competing against well-financed teams, Carpenter was successful by relying on ingenuity, insight and hard work. By the early 1980’s he had won four Pro Stock Motorcycle championships in the NHRA/NMRA, AMDRA and DRAGBIKE! racing associations.

Since that time Carpenter Racing has produced the highest-output motorcycle cylinder heads and engines for various disciplines of all-out performance. Our products have led our customer teams to at long list of land speed and drag racing records and championships.

We continued to evolve in parallel with the motorcycle industry and now provide cutting-edge performance upgrades for the most modern of sportbikes, including the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa and GSXR1000, Kawasaki ZX-14 and BMW S1000RR. Add to that list our baby, the large-displacement Triumph Rocket III.

At Carpenter Racing we devote two months of the year strictly on development and testing. We spend thousands of hours and untold money in development, churning through dozens of cylinder heads. We research the effects of different combinations of shapes and sizing of ports. In the process we find hundreds of things that don’t work. We spare no expense in being able to offer the absolute best in cylinder head and engine development.

People can copy what we are doing but they don’t have the knowledge of what it took to get there. We are more effective at moving forward because we know what doesn’t work. This gives us the confidence to feel that no one will blow us away.

And we don’t stop. We are continually striving to advance our designs and push the performance envelope. This is our primary focus and only strengthens our position in the market.

We challenge you to find someone with our credentials and experience. If you are looking for the best in all-out motorcycle performance, except no substitutions! Carpenter Racing is the first choice.


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