Million Dollar Head

When your head has this on it, it has this in it. Countless hours of testing, research, development, dyno testing, track testing, and 54 years of port designing. Other forms of understanding the 4 strokes of a complete engine cycle.

What happens inside of an engine at 10,000 RPM? 10,000 RPM sounds relatively moderate for a race engine. Yet at 10,000 RPM your valves open and close 83 times per second. Not much time for your intake and exhaust ports to fill and empty your cylinder (about .01 of a second to be exact).

Research testing cost us more than a million. So when your head wears this badge, it is worth a million.

Our Cylinder Head Porting Methodology

We take a very serious and methodical approach to cylinder head porting. The first step is to use the traditional method of hand porting using grinding tools and our past experience and knowledge for shape and sizing. The port is them run through preliminary tests on a flow bench. 

Once a design looks good, we copy it to all four cylinders and then go to the dynamometer for the real test. While the flow bench gives a good indication of how a port will work, the truth in is the dyno as it more accurately simulates real world conditions. 

We sometimes make as many a 30 pulls on a dyno to work in a design. After a few pulls the engine is removed, the head disassembled and ports re-ground to wring out every bit of power we can get. It is a painstaking approach but we feel it is the absolute best way to do it. 

The final design is digitized utilizing a Renishaw Probe on our 5-axis Haas CNC machine. This allows us to trace our absolute best design and reproduce it exactly for each cylinder. One of the benefits of CNC porting is that each cylinder is an exact duplicate.

The result is maximum power, consistency and reliability at a affordable price.  Why take chances?  Carpenter Race Engines offers the absolute finest in 4 cylinder big bore porting.

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