Larry Forstall Land Speed Team sets Records with Carpenter Racing

The Carpenter Racing-equipped “Guppy” land speed Hayabusa owned by Larry Forstall recently recorded the fastest run ever for a normally-aspirated motorcycle under 2000cc. Rider Mark DeLuca rode the Guppy to the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) record of 252.066 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September 2010.

“This was as significant as Billy Vose running the first six second run on a Hayabusa-powered dragbike,” said Forstall, referencing the Carpenter Racing-equipped Pro Mod of Rob Bush that ran 6.95 seconds at the AMA/Prostar World Finals in 2005 with Vose at the controls.

“In our class nobody had even run 230 mph," continued Forstall. "We were the first over 230, the first over 240 and the first over 250.”

The bike competes in the APS-G/2000 class (Altered chassis Partial Streamliner – Gas 2000cc maximum). It has a 1697 cc (85mm x 73mm) motor built by Steve Knecum. The chassis has a 5º rake on the front end and solid rear suspension. The streamlined fiberglass body was fabricated by Tom deAngeli.

At the heart of the motor is a performance Carpenter Racing port and cam package utilizing stock throttle bodies. This is the same cylinder head package Carpenter makes available for street Hayabusas.

“I have been a client of Carpenter Racing for years,” said Forstall. “We need the cutting edge of performance and for me there is no other choice. Nobody does it better than Bob. He gets the most out of these motors.”

The 252 mph record was set following a 254.597 mph recorded average speed run over the one-mile speed trap. A GPS unit on the bike indicated a peak speed of over 256 mph. This at Bonneville, with a 4200-foot elevation.

Knecum and DeLuca after the 254 mph run. Photos by Laura Willis.

The Forstall/DeLuca/Knecum team also competes at asphalt land speed events on Carpenter Racing-equipped Hayabusa.

At the Loring Timing Association (LTA) events, contested at Loring Air Force Base in Maine, DeLuca holds the MPS/G-1650/4 record at 237.742 mph, set in 2009. With Knecum riding, the team also holds the A/BF-1350/4 record at 248.467 mph on a turbo Busa and the MPS/F-3000/4 record at 235.189 mph on nitrous.
The pair also holds a total of 20 records in the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) run at Maxton, North Carolina.

The Pavement Land Speed Busas at Loring. Left to right: Normally Aspirated, Nitrous and Turbo.

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