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Triumph Rocket III Head Studs

During our development work on the Triumph Rocket III we found the head studs woefully inadequate.
They were only rated to be torqued down twice and the way we swap heads on and off that was simply unacceptable.

Not only that but we questioned their integrity, given the amount of horsepower we were getting out of these engines. 

We had new head studs custom-fabricated for our “Silverback” project and we are now offering them to Rocket III owners worldwide.

The Carpenter Racing custom head studs (above) are beefier and made with higher-grade alloy that the stock sutds (below).


These head studs have a 12-point head, are fabricated from high-grade steel and heat-treated. 
With a wider shaft, our Rocket III head studs will take a lifetime of torqueing, unlike the stock head studs.

$180 for a set of eight
plus shipping


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