An original from Carpenter Racing
Add performance and a great new look to your Hayabusa

For Hayabusa Model years 1999-2007

Studies have shown that the ram air design of the Hayabusa becomes ineffective at higher speeds.
The contours of the nose actually produce negative pressure around the air intakes at speeds up to 140 mph.
Our scoops remedy that problem and look good doing it, adding an aggressive styling 
to the king of sportbikes.

Our Power Scoops help pressurize the airbox more effectively, making a smoother, more predictable power curve. There is a pressure increase as soon as you start to move with notable increases
 at high speeds. 

Power Scoops are quick and easy to install. The entire job takes less than 10 minutes. 
Everything is included; all you need is an electric drill.

Price complete $95
plus shipping

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