Current Projects

Ralph Hudson Does it Again

Ralph Hudson with Carpenter Racing now has the fastest sit on motorcycle on the salt at 297mph!

Triumph Bonneville

We give Triumph's twin-clyinder retro standard the Carpenter Treatment.
Mild-mannered no more!

Castrol Rocket

The Castrol Rocket land speed machine hits the salt with a pair of turbocharged Rocket III engines built by Carpenter Racing.

Meet Our Models

We have so many models....


New ZX-14R Packages

Kawaski stepped up their game with the ZX-14R. We were one step ahead of them.

We did it!
Triumph Rocket III Silverback Runs 8 Seconds

It was just a matter of time but we got our 8.99 on the Sliverback!

Ralph Hudson Land Speed

Ralph Hudson sets Bonneville record with Carpenter Racing at over 300mph. Hudson took his sit on one mile land speed motorcycle to a record breaking 307

Rocket III Silverback Closes in on Eight Seconds

 The Carpenter Racing Triumph Rocket III runs 9.03 in the New Jersey heat.

Karl Gunter Land Speed

 Karl Gunter's "Greenie" sets record with Carpenter Racing.

Project Silverback - It's out of the cage!

 Our Triumph Rocket III Project Silverback hits the dragstrip.

HTP Performance Cracks Street Bike Six Second Barrier

Cecil Towner, Ryan Schnitz and the HTP Performance Racing team smash the six second barrier for street bikes with Carpenter Racing.

Forstall Land Speed Racing

The Forstall/DeLuca/Knecum team sets the Land Speed record for a normally-aspirated motorcycle at Bonneville with a Carpenter Racing-equipped Hayabusa.

Our Hayabusa Program Now Over 290 Horsepower

Our continuing development of the Suzuki Hayabusa has led us
over the 290 horsepower mark.

BMW S 1000 RR

We take the latest cutting-edge sportbike to hit the market and apply our head porting and cams to it.  We are making over 210 HP with it.

Hayabusa Pipe and Port

An all-new, large-tube full exhaust system and matching exhaust port machining
gives us another six horsepower to our existing packages.

Triumph Rocket III

We've tweaked it to a brutal 240 horsepower!
We let this 2300cc beast breathe and doubled the horsepower. More than double actually.

GSXR 1000

We are developing the GSXR1000 to the next level. As we have done with
the Hayabusa, we are treating the GSXR1000 as take no prisoners
in offering the utmost HP available, period.



We took another look at our ZX-14 program and found up to 15 horsepower with our
new K2 design.  Past customers can upgrade for a special deal.



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