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The Suzuki Hayabusa has been the unquestioned leader in big-bore sportbikes since it was introduced in 1999.  And since that time we have not stopped making them go faster!  We have been in constant development and are now on our 5th generation Hayabusa Port.

Over the years we've built dozens of 'Busa's which feature modifications from mild to wild. We can build you a street legal, and totally rideable and reliable, 220+ horsepower Hayabusa or anything beyond.

We stock pistons, complete bore kits, clutch modification kits, valve springs, and an entire array of products specifically for the fastest production motorcycle ever built. It's time to make yours faster... give us a call!

Economy Street Hayabusa Package
Head Now, Cam Later

We now offer a phased approach to let you ease into your buildup and spread the cost around.
Put $2
600 into your bike and get the full cylinder head package less cams. 
Add the cams later (including adjustable sprockets re-tuning and mapping) for
an additional $2
,000 for the 220+ package.

Complete with Clutch Fix and Air Box Mod

Price complete $2,
Turn-key: Drive-in, drive-out

220+ HP Hayabusa Package

We take your Busa complete with Powercommander and performance exhaust and add our head and cam package. 
Without much stress we can make it produce over 220 horsepower

The 220+ hp Busa package features:

  • 5-angle CNC Head Porting
  • Custom valve springs
  • A set of spicy 400+ lift camshafts
  • Adjustable cam sprockets

This package can record over 220 rear-wheel horsepower at 118 ft lbs of torque
with stock pistons and stock valves!

Complete with Clutch Fix and Air Box Mod

Price complete $4,200
Turn-key: Drive-in, drive-out
*this price does not include required Powercommander and performance exhaust system

Customers who have purchased the Economy Hayabusa package
can upgrade to the 220+ plus package for only $2,000

235-245+ HP Hayabusa Packages

We just can't leave it alone!  The porting and cams brought the Busa to new levels
of performance. Now what will a piston kit bring?  We had to find out!

Two flavors are available: 1441cc for everyday riding and the 1470cc for track use
and the occasional blow-your-friends-away street jaunt. 
When they ask if you are spraying look at them like they are crazy!

Both Packages include everything in the 220+ package plus:

  • New lightweight Pistons
  • Precision boring and Nikasil finish by Millenium
  • A second battery installed with wiring for easier startups

The 1441cc Package produces 235+ Horsepower
The 1470cc Package produces 245+ Horsepower

*1470 package not recommended for daily street use

Complete with Clutch Fix and Air Box Mod

Price complete $5,800
Either Package
Turn-key: Drive-in, drive-out

265+ HP Hayabusa Everyday Rider
One of the most reliable engines we have ever done!

We take our monster Big Stroker 280+ HP package but use a smaller piston with lower compression
and make a reliable, multi-season everyday rider. An everyday rider that burns up the pavement!

A 9mm stroker crank and 84mm pistons gives us 1600cc. With a more streetable compression
this combination runs on pump gas and eliminates the need for constant refreshing.

Package includes everything in the 240 package plus:

  • Billet 9mm Stroker Crank
  • Titanium Rods
  • ZX-14 Bearings

Price complete $14,700
Turn-key: Drive-in, drive-out

250-260+ HP Hayabusa Stroker Packages

Put a head and cam package on the Hayabusa.  Check.  Piston kit.  Check. 
Of course the next step is a stroker crank.

We took our 235-245 head-cam-piston packages and added a 6.25 mm stroker crank. 
It makes a nice step between our 235-245 hp package and our monster 280+ stroker package.

Like the 235-245 packages two flavors are available: 1441cc  and 1470cc. 

Both Packages include everything in the 235-245+ packages plus:

  • 6.25mm stroker crank
  • Upgraded rods available

The 1441cc Package produces 250+ Horsepower
The 1470cc Package produces 260+ Horsepower

*1470 package not recommended for daily street use

Complete with Clutch Fix and Air Box Mod

Price complete $8,600
Either Package
Turn-key: Drive-in, drive-out

Add new precision rods for additional $1,100

280+ HP Hayabusa Big Stroker

Our customers continually demand bigger, bigger, bigger...

We have been building stroker Busa motors for years but never before
have we been so excited about it.

We combined our 240 kit with a billet stoker crank with titanium rods for a
dependable 1630 cc displacement. Our palms were sweaty as we rolled it over to the dyno. 
The results were stunning!

As of October, 2011, over 30 of these engines have been built and raced without one bearing failure.

After some development on the fuel curve we came up with over 280 horsepower. 
By our calculations, 280 horsepower on a chassis dyno with a street tire equates to
320 hp at the crank - Now we are talking Pro Stock Power!

Package includes everything in the 240 package plus:

  • Billet 9mm Stroker crank
  • Titanium Rods
  • ZX-14 Bearings

Price complete $14,700
Turn-key: Drive-in, drive-out
Stroker Crank, Rods and Bearings fitted: $7,200

This package REQUIRES a modified clutch assembly and modified fuel system.
Price based on customer specifications - call us for more information

290+ Hayabusa Package

Since the inception of Hayabusa, we kept our goal of a strong price-value for our clients. To keep costs down, we had to stay within stock components wherever possible.

In that time we learned a lot about the engine and started realizing the limiting factors in the design. We could go a lot farther, we thought, if we removed the things that had been in our way.

Instead on focusing on cost considerations we would focus on winning alone. We wanted to take what we learned from NHRA Pro Stock racing and apply it to the continuing development of our Hayabusa program.

With the door open we threw everything we had at it. We started with the bulging internals of our 280+ package, added our new exhaust pipe and port combination, and then performed radical cylinder head machining and installed proprietary high-end components.

No one is doing what we are doing to a Hayabusa motor.

The results speak for themselves: over 290 horsepower and a gain of 1000 RPM.

“We decided to break the mold of working around stock components,” said Bob Carpenter. “Now the gloves have come off. Whatever it takes to get the most power out of an all-motor Hayabusa, we are going to do. No one else is at this level. We have serious clientele that want serious power.”

Makes 300+ HP with Stand-alone!


Package includes everything in the 280+ package plus:
  • Carpenter-designed 4-in-1 high-diameter stainless steel exhaust with race-only megaphone
  • Radical cylinder head machining
  • High-end proprietary componentry

Price complete $18,890
Turn-key: Drive-in, drive-out

"It's Pro Stock money but it's Pro Stock power!"

This package REQUIRES a phone consultation.

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